The Milky Way Method

Our book of knowledge! If you want to get a better understanding of The Milky Way, this book is a great start!

How to Map your Enterprise

Use your map to faster create better decision-making material.

Use your map to accelerate change.

A lot of examples and focus on doing the work.


The Milkyway Book

Training & courses

We offer a vast variety of courses. Anything from finding templates etc and start mapping on your own, want to learn more about creating analysis, and a full Master course to help you master The Milky Way. We also offer tailor-made courses.

The Milky Way Tool

Our favorite tools are Miro and Airtable. We have created a plugin for Miro that specializes in Milky Way users with layers, syncs and much more.

Milkyway Tool

Get your free license today!

Ready to fully unlock the potential of your Milky Way map? The Milky Way toolkit will help you organize your map, and you can turn on and off elements like capabilities, system use points and information lines.

Milkyway Tool

Miro Template

Free on Miroverse for Miro. Just open a Miro account and use this template with instructions.

Expert Consultants

Meet our team of expert consultants that can help you reach your goals and vision. We are always looking for more experts to join our mission to democratize architecture.

Cecilia Nordén
Enterprise Architect, Author & Milky Way Guru

Can with ease see the whole picture and keeps the customer at centre of the discussion. Have worked with almost every industry and size of organization. She is also the author of the book: The Milky Way

Thomas Larsson
Enterprise Architect & Milky Way Guru

Will keep you responsible for your goals and vision in our work to keep the focus on what you try to accomplish. He has a background in product development with deep technology understanding.

Max Harper
Miro & Airtable guru

Visual thinker with a lot of technical skills as developer. He will help you to set up a perfect technical workflow and is the one who has created our Milky Way tool, enabling data to Migrate from Miro to Airtable.

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