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We are so happy that you are interested in our Milky Way Toolkit! Below you find the information about the different license types for Milky Way toolkit and how to get in contact with us.

Start toggling elements on and off in your Miro map.
0 USD / month
  • Plugin for Miro
  • - Toggle, Capability, System, Info
  • - Miro Template for Milky Way
Get free version
For you who work in Miro for mapping and visual analyzing.
175 USD / month
  • 10 seats
  • All features in Free and:
  • - Layers
  • - Duplicate Layers between Frames
  • - Super Select
Unlock true potential in your map by transferring data to Airtable.
390 USD* / month
  • 10 seats
  • All features in Basic and:
  • - Sync map-data to Airtable
  • - Sync Collection to Airtable
  • - Airtable template
  • * One Time Fee setup 2 150 USD.

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