We offer a vast variety of courses. Anything from finding templates etc and start mapping on your own, want to learn more about creating analysis, and a full Master course to help you master The Milky Way. We also offer tailor-made courses.

Our awesome features

Milky Way Map Pioneer

Perfect if you want to start experimenting on your own! E.g., if you have not yet created your own Milky Way map, but want to know more about the benefits a Milky Way map can bring to your enterprise, or if you have not used Miro to create your map.

Want to start mapping on your own.

Want to know how you can use Miro to collaborate.

Want the latest tools and templates to start from.

Prefer to learn at your own pace.

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The Milky Way Jump Start

Perfect if you and your team want to jump start The Milky Way! You will create a Milky Way map of your own enterprise, and start using it for creating analysis. At the same time, you will be able to continuously get help, keep up the pace by homework between sessions, ask questions and learn in a group!

The course contains of:

Want to create your map and analysis where the trainers hold you responsible for doing the work :)

Want to get help in creating your first Milky Way Map.

Four consultancy hours, one after every second session, to ask specific questions and move forward.

Want to get help in creating different overlays to your Milky Way Map.

Prefer to learn in a group with colleagues and others and at a given pace.

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Our awesome features